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It?s Time to Cool Down Your Electronics!

2017-11-26 14:21  
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Most of the electronic parts in present days generate a huge amount of heat. To be honest, the excessive heat might risk your laptops or other devices out of function. In order to get the rid of this problem, the manufacturers are mostly equipping them with metal plates to discharge the heat.

Well, in this case, the brand new composite can do this even better. As we know that, most electronic components generate radiant heat. It becomes harder to dissipate the heat, if they’re more components are packed into a limited space!

thermal conductivity

Since the electronic components can only withstand temperatures from 90 to 130 degree Celsius, the manufacturers have no choice, but to mount a small copper or aluminium plate underneath them. This act is to conduct the heat away from the components.

For your information, the metal plate is normally soldered to ceramic components or silicon. If the system generating too much of heat, the metal plate expands in size, which is about three to four times as much as the silicon or the ceramics did!

To overcome the above matter, the researchers have discovered the relatively high thermal conductivity of copper. They have found that copper the diamond powder is able to conduct heat five times better than copper. The only obstacle here is it not easy to unite the copper and diamond together, as it needs a third ingredient to bond the two materials. [source]

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