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JFET Nixie Tube Driver (2N3684)

2017-07-21 10:13  
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This article describes the JFET Nixie Tube Driver (2N3684). The content is very simple, very helpful. Components in this article can help you understand better understanding of this article. For example, in this article, you can go to find and buy these components:2N3684.

This is a driver circuit for . This circuit uses 2N3684 as nixie tube drivers because its Vp is 2-5 volts which is ideally matches TTL-DTL logic level. Compared with bipolar transistor, the JFET is immune to almost all of the failure mechanism found in bipolar transistor. Here is the circuit :

JFET Nixie Tube Driver circuit schematic diagram

To prevent breakdown of the JFETs, this circuit uses diodes that produces 50Volt prebias line. There is no voltage connection on the transistor ‘s can since the 2N3684 is in a TO-72 package.

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