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KontrollerLab IDE development software for AVR under Linux

2017-12-23 21:12  
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Good news for Linux lovers. The new IDE development software for AVR microcontrollers has shown up. This is KDE based IDE under GPL. It is fully-featured editor which includes serial terminal for debugging, uses AVR-GCC compiler, uisp for serial downloading and avrdude programming software.

Few screen-shots of this tool:

main_window.jpgMain project windowfuses.jpgFuse settings windowproj_config.jpgProject configuration windowkompiler.jpgCompiller?? settindsprogrammer_configuration.jpgProgrammer configurationslinker.jpgLinker settings

This is first release but is is already ready to start developing AVR projects. I think it’s a nice beginning. Download and try KontrollerLab from http://sourceforge.net/projects/kontrollerlab/

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