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L293B Push-Pull four Channel Drivers

2017-09-09 04:37  
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The L293B is quad push-pull drivers capable of delivering output currents to 1Aperchannel. Each channel is controlled by a TTL-compatible logic input and each pair of drivers (a full bridge) is equipped with an inhibit input which turns off all four transistors. A separate supply input is provided for the logic so that it may be run off a lower voltage to reduce dissipation.

The L293B is package in16 and 20-pin plastic DIPs respectively ; it is use the four center pins to conduct heat to the printed circuit board.









L293B  Application  Circuits


This circuit controls the motor in the prize dispenser. A L293B H-bridge is used to interface between the motor and the C32. In order to drive the motor forwards as well as backwards, two input pins on the H-bridge are needed. Input and output one are used to control the motor’s forward motion while input and output two are used to control the motor’s backward motion. The diodes are used to snub any voltage spikes created when the motor transitions from on to off.

 The threshold voltage for L293B is 0.9V for low and 3.15V for high, so the C32 can easily drive the H-Bridge.