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LM2678 DC to DC step down voltage regulator.

2018-01-23 21:52  
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LM2678 DC to DC step down voltage regulator.
LM2678 (5A)DC to DC step down voltage regulator.(Switching power supply regulator)

Wide input voltage 8Vdc to 40Vdc.

Part number:

-LM2678-3.3(3.3Vdc output)


-LM2678-12(12Vdc output)

-LM2678-ADJ(1.2Vdc to 37Vdc output)
Component list

- 45uF 50V electrolytic capacitor

- 0.47uF

- 6TQ045S high speed schottky diode

- Output 100V electrolytic capacitor (higher voltage, lower ESR)

360uF (forLM2678-3.3,LM2678-5.0)

220uF (forLM2678-12)

- 0.01uF

- wire coil inductor,

15uH (forLM2678-3.3,LM2678-5.0)

22uH (forLM2678-12)

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