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LM2991 Low Drop Regulator Typical Application Circuit Diagra

2018-11-15 23:09  
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For applications such as post switcher regulator, battery operated equipment and local on-card regulation the herein LM2991 low dropout adjustable negative regulator is a key component. This LM2991 said to be a short-circuit proof which may enhance the reliability of overloaded for long periods.

LM2991 low dropout typical circuit schematicThe circuit diagram above shows LM2991 negative low dropout adjustable regulator. Cin 10uF required if the LM2991 regulator is located more than 6 inches from the power supply capacitors. Then, you’ll need Co 10uF aluminium electrolytic or 1 uF solid tantalum for stability purpose, according to its datasheet.

Complete reference on Low Dropout Adjustable Negative Regulator? Typical Application Circuit Diagram and LM2991 Datasheet can be read in pdf.