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LM78L05 and LM79L05 supply arduino

2017-09-11 11:06  
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I need to adjust voltage from two 9v batteries in such a way to have an +5v and -5v output.
This is the scheme:
LM78L05 and LM79L05 supply arduino
But I have doubts. I've checked pins on datasheet and they are the same on the sketch, but what is the right way of the piece? seen from above the component is like this: D
I've connected it, with the flat face front on me, like in the sketch. But when I measure the voltage between the two outputs O I note 10v, it's right? a kind of sum between +5v and -5v? What is the explanation?
Instead the voltage measured between O of LM78L05 and the gnd of LM79L05 is +5 v.

If it is right so I can power arduino mini (3v3) with the two outputs of the voltage regulators or do I need to use the output of LM78L05 and the gnd of LM79L05.