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LS3404 melody chip Music On Hold Box Circuit

2017-08-15 22:49  
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While the most popular benefit of Music on Hold is the assurance to the caller that they are still connected, there are many additional benefits:Music on hold gives a professional feel to a call and demonstrates to the caller that their call is very important;Many companies use the Music on Hold function for announcements or for information on products and services, thus making the hold time educational and productive;The message can also include additional information to enable the caller to leave the hold pattern and be re-directed;The length of the hold may seem shorter to the caller when they are being entertained, making for happier customers.Ul, an LS3404 melody chip is activated when hold SI is pressed, which causes SCR1 to conduct and hold the telephone line via Tl, Rl, and LED1. The voltage across Rl and  LED1 is used to activate the melody chip.Ql and Q2 form a restart circuit to keep the melody chip going during hold.

Music On Hold Box Circuit