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Logic probe yields three discrete states

2017-08-19 03:26  
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The circuit uses a dual LED. When power is applied to the probe throughthe power leads, and the input is touched to a low level or ground, Ql is cut off. This will cause Q2 to conduct since the base is positive with respect to the emitter. With Ql cut off and Q2 conducting, the green diode of the dual LED will be forward biased, yielding a green output. Touching the probe tip to a high level will cause Ql and Q2 to complement, and the red diode will be forward biased, yielding a red output from the LED
Logic probe yields three discrete states

An alternating signal will cause alternating conduction of the red and green diodes and will yield an indication approximately amber. In this manner, both static and dynamic signals can be traced with the logic probe.

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