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Looking for guest writers

2018-02-28 12:06  
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Hello, I am looking for guest writers that have good electronics engineering knowledge and can write in english very well. In the past there were 2 people who wrote for electroschematics.com but now there is only me and I really need someone who can create an electronic circuit and write a good unique article about it.

Some qualities that could make you a perfect fit:

You can explain complex concepts to a beginner with clarity and ease.Keeping up with the latest and great tips and technology news is part of your average day.You know how to use a circuit simulator and an oscilloscope.

If you can do all the things from above then send me an email using the contact form. Here is what to put in the form:

4-5 sentences about yourself, why you’d like to write for ElectroSchematics, and what would make you a good fit.A couple of links to something you’ve written and interesting projects you’re proud ofYour availability for answering the question asked on the website

If you create unique content and circuits that work, then you will be paid, first time with a fixed amount of money and then by a percentage of the revenue that the article generates.

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