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Loop Antenna For 3.5 Mhz

2017-09-11 14:01  
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C1 = 3 750 pF 500 V silver-mica capacitor. C2= 100 pF preset capacitor (Jackson C803). C3 = 75 pF variable capacit
Loop Antenna For 3.5 Mhz

or (Jackson C809), plus knob. C4 = 12.7 pF variable capacitor (Jackson C16), plus knob. C5 = 22 nF mica capacitor. = 250 f.s.d. 40 40 mm moving coil meter (Maplin LB808). D = HF silicon diode. R = 1 kft resistor (see text). L1 = 51/e turns of PVC covered stranded 7/0.2 mm wire. Outside diameter: 1.2 mm, 1 kV/1.5 A rating (see text). L2 = 13 turns 16SWG tinned wire, 1 inch internal diameter. Feedline = 46 inch RG58 coaxial cable, plus plug to suit transmitter. Box = ABS box type MB3,118 96 45 mm. Maplin ref. LH22. Terminal blocks = qty. 4 12-way 2 amp terminal block. Maplin ref. FE78. Spacers = qty. 3 insulated spacer type M3, 30 mm long, Maplin ref. FS40T. Spokes = qty. 4 8-foot lengths of 5/ 1/ inch molded hardwood (DIY store). Vertical support = 23 0.8 0.8 inch wood (DIY store). Wood base = 12x8x0.5 inch plywood or similar 21/2 inch steel support bracket. elektor electronics usaFig. 4-1 (b) 1.4 lengths molded hardwood 30` x^/ax 1/4`. Varnished. 2BA holes drilled in the centre. Glued and bolted together. 2.8 off 6-way 2-amp polythene terminal blocks used as insulated wire spacers. 3.5Ve turns of PVC stranded wire (for specs see components list). 4.See Fig. 3. 5.Wood vertical support 23` 0.8` 0.8`, wood stained. 6.2` x2BA bolt. 7.Box front vertical support, 4V2` x1/2` 3/4`, wood stained. 8.Wood base 12` 8` xW (for similar), wood stained. 9.21/2 steel support bracket behind wood vertical support. 10. Drilled and secured with glue and c/s wood screws. Note: `= inch =2.54 cm. Suitable for receiving or transmitting (10 W or less) on the 80-m band, this loop antenna might be helpful when an outside antenna is not possible.

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