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Low line current loading Optocouplers ring detection

2017-08-15 15:36  
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Optocouplers have been commonly used for telecom ring detection for many years due to their simplicity and ease of use.The ring detect circuit must be AC coupled and present a relatively high (60kΩ minimum) impedance to the line with low amplitude AC voltages. This is to prevent the circuit from interfering with the audio signals when the line is in use.Low line current loading is provided by the  H11BX522 photodarlington op-tocoupler.which provides a 1 mA output from a 0.5 mA input.The ring circuit must pass the ring signal information to modem electronics and still provide electrical isolation between telephone line and modem electronics. This ring detection is usually done using one optoisolator circuit, which replaces the raditional ring circuit. The optoisolator output can be easily connected digital electronics, but the optoisolator input side needs more electronics.

Low line loading ring detector