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Magical Glove ? You Can Write Words in Air

2017-11-29 16:01  
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Writing has been existed in human civilization since thousands of years ago. Human beings use writing to communicate with each other and we’re still doing the same, even in this 21stcentury!

However, the only different part for the nowadays writing is the writer not longer need paper to write the words, instead they can easily write words in the thin air.

According to the new research, there is a brand new “Magical Glove”, which is a fingerless bike glove that equipped with electrical sensors. It allows the user to write on thin air!

Magical Glove

Basically, the modified glove doesn’t only allow for one-handed text messaging, but it create an early warning system for people who are having the risk of getting neurodegenerative disease, such as Parkinson’s.

Michael Linderman, a neuroscientist said in the article published in the journal Public Library of Science One (PLos) that handwriting is a magical process, as it consists of memory, knowledge, cognition and dexterity. Believe it or not, all these four processes are actually work simultaneously.

The system is already in experiment stage and it would be going to launch to the market very soon. Mr. Linderman said that the Magical Glove is cost around $100 or more. [discovery]

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