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Magnetic Super-atoms ? Will it Make Any Difference?

2017-11-21 06:59  
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Guys, do you still remember that the science teacher talking about the structure of atoms in the science classes? Well, some of you might be bored about it, but some of them are interested with this stuff!

No matter you love or hate science, you’re going to love this great discovery from a team of Virginia Commonwealth University scientists. According to the latest research, they’ve found a ‘magnetic super-atoms’. It is a stable cluster of atoms, which can mimic different elements of the periodic table.

The scientists mentioned in the report that the newly discovered cluster consisting of one vanadium and eight cesium atoms. It acts like a tiny magnet and have the ability to mimic a single manganese atom in magnetic strength.

Magnetic Super-atoms

Shiv N. Khanna, Ph.D, professor in the VCU Department of Physics described that the new cluster had a magnetic moment of five Bohr magnetons, where is more than twice the value for an iron atom in a solid iron magnet did!

He also said that in one day, the magnetic super-atoms might be used to create molecular electronic devices, especially for building the faster and stronger ‘Super computers’ that consist larger memory storage! [sciencedaily]

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