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Magnetically Operated Gun by NE555 and 4017B

2018-05-01 13:09  
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Figure 1 

The circuit is designed to produce a gun using the technology of magnet to drive a minimal hit a long distance horizontally or a few distance vertically.

A magnet is an element that creates magnetic field which is a force that pulls on ferromagnetic materials and attracts or repel other magnets. It is created by moving charges such as electric current. It can also be created by the spin magnetic dipole moment, and by the orbital magnetic dipole moment of an electron within an atom.

The operation of the circuit starts with the 555 timer acting as oscillator being operated in astable mode where it performs pulse generation at a rate of 10 ms to the IC2 (4017B). The pin 15 will continue to take low at the fire button, while 4017B keeps on resetting. The outputs of Q1 to Q7 are sequenced by IC2 to provide power to TR1 to TR4 transistors. This in turn will launch in rapid sequence the inductors L1 to L4. The transformer can produce a 25.5 V DC to the electromagnets when rectified and leveled. The winding of the electromagnets on the copper tube will be cut in two after 500 turns. To slide one on the copper tube, the winding should be at the base of reversed sellotape. The physical size of the galvanized wire bullet is 2 mm diameter and 3 cm long. It should freely glide inside the copper tube.

Caution should be observed in positioning the electromagnets L1 to L4 on the copper tube to obtain optimum effectiveness on the movement of the bullet and arranging the voltage across resistor R1.

There are two basic types of electromagnetic gun, the rail gun and the coil gun. Both used stored energy to produce large magnetic field and high electric current through a driving armature. The interaction of the current with the magnetic field generates a force which propels the armature and any projectile connected to it.


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