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Mains Voltage Indicator (ADG659YRU)

2017-07-11 17:24  
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This article describes the Mains Voltage Indicator (ADG659YRU). The principle is very simple, very practical. The circuit components can help you understand better grasp this principle. For example, in this circuit, you can go to find and buy these components:ADG659YRU.

I need an AC line 220V light display or main voltage monitor. Because the home ‘s electric of his brother a very often problem. Below a figure is the 230V AC voltage indicator circuit. We use the LED for display the power ac line, because cheap and convenient. The other devices, nothing more.
The R1 resistor act to reduce the current and a short circuit protection similar fuse. The C1 is the capacitor the current depression. It works well. When used with AC power. And rarely have problems with heat. The D1 diode is used to protect feedback voltage for LED1.

Mains Voltage Indicator with a LED.

Important, you choose C1 is only the high voltage about 630V. Be careful, direction contact with into circuit can cause electrical shock.

LED display ac line indicator circuit

This circuit is compatible with the main power is 115 Vac or 230 Vac.It shows that the power grid or not.And while the switch will still hold the power or not.
Operation of the circuit. be This circuit is the main indicator of power while not pressing the switch S1. Will have current flowing through R1, D1,LED1 will light up to reflect the input of the power is. But when the press switch S1 will flow through R2, D2,LED2. It makes LED2 light and also a part of current flow to trigger B pin of Q1. It makes Q1 work as a short LED1 to ground. Makes LED1 off.


LED Indicator for remote AC loads

The LED Indicator for remote AC loads Circuit. At very cheap and use electronic part the a little. This circuit uses diode rectifier cheapness , Resistor and LED only. As a result assemble the circuit shows flowwing of AC current Source in load easily. Although intend to design for apply to office implement with main electric , but we may modify this idea goes to are usable with the level low voltage get not difficult please.

LED Indicator for remote AC loads


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