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MattsOffice ? The Wonderful Home Automation via Twitter!

2017-11-20 01:20  
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How long you’ve used the internet? Well, if you’re still a newbie, then you might never hear about Twitter before, but for those people who have been an internet users for couple of years, they are very familiar with the social networks, such as Facebook, Myspace and Twitter.

By the way, as one of the engineer who frequently surfs the internet, Matthew Morey, had invented the smart “MattsOffice”, which is a home automation via Twitter.


Morey himself is a big fan of Twitter. He always wants to build a home automation via Twitter that allows him to have the connection through various types of household appliances, such as personal PC, iphone, GPS and much more.

According to Morey, there’s one thing that lacking in most of the devices, which is the 2-way communication between Twitter and the device. Normally, you’re able to send an update to Twitter, but are never performing an action based on a Twitter message!

However, Morey had found the solution, and applied it on the MattsOffice. He mentioned that the MattsOffice is a perfect device; which is possible for you to send a command by placing a keyword in a @reply message.

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Let’s say if you want to know the temperature of your home office, you only need to update the Twitter status with some simple question like “@MattsOffice What is the current temperature”. Then, the answer will be outputted on your desktop LCD display with the possible answer (It might say, “hot or cold”).[matthewmorey.com]

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