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Melody Generator with UM3491

2018-01-23 18:58  
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Operation of the circuit IC1 No. UM3491 structures within the memory ROM are then became the sound And the chorus. Memory controller is a 10 bit scale code is set to a music major and 5 bit control scale code which sets the second chorus.

Melody Generator with UM3491

The R1 is connected to the pin 11 and pin 12 to determine the origin frequency oscillator frequency of 64 Hz rhythm and melody sound. Signals that are sent to the Circuit Envelop by the legs 12, 14 are C1, C2 is connected with the signal from the circuit Envelop will come out of stand 13 by C3 is coupling signal before entering the leg 15 to modulate circuit as a signal audio output to pin 17 which is connected to Q1 which acts amplifier if the press switch S1 will make IC1 to play a song and then stop if the press switch S1 also a time IC1 will play the next song and then stop the S2-S4. determines the nature of the music to be played.

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