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2017-12-23 13:11  
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Module Line amplifiers

Module 1

Module_Line_1.gif (14273 bytes)

Part List

R1=100Kohm all is metal film 1%R15-16= 100 ohmC8-11= 10uF 25V
R2= 220KohmR17= 47KohmQ1-2=BC550C
R3-4= 4.7KohmR18= 47 ohmQ3-4=BC560C
R5-8= 2.7KohmR19-20= 22 ohmQ5-8= BC550C
R6= 10KohmC1= 470nF 100VQ6-7= BC560C
R7-9= 1KohmC2= 100pFQ9= BC550C
R10= 2.2KohmC3= 33pFQ10= BC560C
R11= 22KohmC4= 47uF 25VTR1= 100 ohm   trim.
R12-14= 330 ohmC5-9-7= 100nF 100VTR2= 470 ohm  trim.
R13= 820 ohmC6-10= 100?F 25VJ1= 5pin Connector

Module 2

Module_Line_2.gif (14282 bytes)

Part List

R1-18=100Kohm  all metal film 1%R15-16= 47 ohmQ1-2=BC550C
R2= 120KohmR17-21= 100 ohmQ3-4=BC560C
R3-4= 270 ohmR19-20= 22 ohmQ5-8= BC550C
R5-13= 820 ohmC1= 1.5uF 63V MKTQ6-7= BC560C
R6-9= 4.7KohmC2= 68pFQ9= BC550C
R7= 10KohmC3= 100pFQ10= BC560C
R8-14= 1KohmC4= 47uF 25V.
R10= 47 ohmC5= 10uF 25VTR1= 100 ohm   trim.
R11= 1.8KohmC6-8= 100nF 100V cer.TR2= 2.2Kohm      trim.
R12= 33KohmC7-9= 47uF 25VJ1= 5pin connector

Module 3 [Low Impedance Preamplifier for Moving Coil cartridge]

Module_Line_3.gif (9268 bytes)

Part List

R1= 47KohmR10= 820 ohmC6-8= 47uF 25V
R2-5= 15KohmR13-14= 27 ohmC7= 2.2uF 100V MKT
R3-4= 1.5KohmR15= 100KohmQ1-4-5=BC550C
R6-11= 1.5KohmR16-17= 22 ohmQ2-3-6=BC560C
R7-12= 1.8KohmC1= 120pFJ1= 5pin connector
R8= 8.2 ohmC2-5= 100nF 100V MKTAll R is metal film 1%
R9= 150 ohmC3-4= 220uF 16V.


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