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2018-01-30 08:06  
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Hi all Readers,

We always try to publish useful circuits and topics for our readers. After publishing an article we usually measure how well it was received among our readers. We have two options for measuring success of an article published; first being the number of page views it has got and the second being the number of comments. Among our team we believe the second measure that’s“number of comments”is the best available criteria for calculating success of an article.


A “comment” is an opinion made by a valuable reader about a particular article. It may be a positive acknowledgment, a criticism, a doubt, a correction, sometimes a suggestion and sometimes an answer to a doubt. What ever it may be we believe comments make an article rich.Comments give article a Life!Web 2.0 makes possibility for a great user interaction compared to old ages of static web!

What are the advantages of “Comment-ing”on an article ?

    Reader can instantly publish his opinion about the articleReader can ask any doubt of his and get an answer very quicklyReader can criticize and point out the mistakesReader can share similar thoughts or advanced concepts of the same
  • Reader can help other people by clearing their doubts – by taking part in interaction

    I am going to list all the published articles inCircuits Todaywhich has got at least15 Comments. We consider these articles as really successful? and this list may be helpful for our daily readers to have further interaction; hence improve their knowledge.

    1.Infrared motion detector circuit– Enjoys1st positionwith81 commentsso far. This is aVERY HOTtopic.

    2.150 Watt amplifier circuit-? Stands2ndwith75 comments. AnotherHOT & Activetopic.

    3.?Automatic LED Emergency Light-? Now on3rd positionwith73 comments. ThisHOT discussionis on a race!

    4. 100 Watt inverter circuit – 62 Comments

    5. Long Range FM Transmitter – 52 Comments

    6. Battery charger circuit using SCR – 50 Comments

    7. Single Chip FM Radio circuit – (35)

    8. 100 Watt sub woofer amplifier -(30)

    9.? AM Transmitter circuit – (28)

    10. Remote control tester circuit – (27)

    11. Simple Water Level Indicator

    12. Lead acid battery charger circuit

    13. Fire alarm circuit

    14. TV transmitter circuit

    15. 2 km FM transmitter

    16. Simple Electronic Combination Lock using IC LS 7220

    17.? High & Low voltage cut-off with delay& alarm

    18. Light activated switch circuit

    19. 50 W transistor amplifier

    20. Air flow detector circuit

    So that’s it! 20HOT& Activeposts listed above. Choose one that you like and be a part of it!!

    AM Transmitter circui


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