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Music box automatically with IC UM66T

2018-01-23 23:00  
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This is an integrated music box Self Promotion Nat, when I open the music box to hear the music out. You can choose music in several voices, just change the IC number only.
Operation of the circuit is when the power supply and switch S1. The IC IC1 is dozen, it will count clock is rising edge. It has output out to pins 3, the circuit will be designed to be integrated from 3. By, if switch S1 No. 1, will be output from the pin 3. If the switch S1 No. 2 is the output out to pin 2. If the switch S1 No. 3 will be output from the pin 4. and if the switch S1 No. 4 is the output from the pin 7, the pin 15 at a pin reset is output out to pin 3 instead of the output of IC1 is connected to IC2.

Music box automatically with IC UM66T

Which acts as a switch, electronics, the signal output of IC1 to pins control the switch of IC2, too, if you can get input from pin 3 of IC1 incoming pin 5 of IC2 to the pin 3, where the power 5V connection. to Pin 4 connected to pin 2 of the IC3., a sound generator IC. The output will come out in three pins and was taken to expand the Q1, C2, R1, C3, C4, C5 serves to filter noise ground. IC2 is the operation of the switch contact IC3-IC5 to select music Controlling the sequence of switch S1.

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