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NLV Quant

2017-11-22 01:08  
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Automobile industry is seeing a tremendous growth in both technology and customer needs. There is a great improvement in design and also the features, in every model. There is nowadays an increasing demand of alternative fuel technologies. This is initiated by depletion of petroleum reserves. So there are many cars that use other fuels like, solar power, electricity and so on. The NLV Quant is one such car that uses the solar power.


NLV Quant – Sports car for the day:

the NLV Quant is a concept car and is manufactured by collaboration of Koenigsegg, the Swedish super car maker and NLV Solar AG, a renowned company in the field of Photovoltaics. The Koenigsegg is well known for its environment friendly cars. The Quant sports car came as a brain child of this car company, when approached by the solar cell and accumulator manufacturing company, NLV Solar. The car is a four seater and operates completely in solar fuel. The cars wears a trendy and sporty look that might attract many. There are also several features that are available with this car. What makes this car, a great thing is the cutting edge technology. The technology is ground breaking and one can say that this car is from future.

Cutting edge Technology:

What amazes one is the technical value of this car. The car has extremely advanced elements. The basic electric power generation, aerodynamics,?? futuristic design coupled with marvelous s engineering make this car, the best solar powered car ever made. The Flow Accumulator Energy Storage or the FAES, which deals with energy storage, gets completely charged in twenty minutes. Yes, the energy can be stored in such a small period of time. The range that this gives is also phenomenal. Once it is charged, it can go or about 500 kilometers. These are the great aspects one would have ever witnessed. Yes the car has a great range with very very small charging time. Also there is a thin coating of photovoltaics material, that helps to improve this range. This ground breaking technology makes one to think that this car is from future.

Features and Specifications:

There are many unique features in this car. The car is basically a four seater. The car is being powered by two AC induction motors. The car is also light in weight as compares to other rivals. It weighs about only 1780 Kg. The 0-100 is obtained in 5.2 seconds and the top speed is 275 kmph. This is the most phenomenal aspect as many battery operated cars cannot produce this amount of performance. The car chassis is made up of carbon nano tubes that gives the light weight and strength. The safety aspects are also given due importance. The 512 bhp engine with a 715 Nm torque is appreciable. All these great features are coupled by the trendy and the sporty look of the car.

Fuel economy is the need of the hour. All the petroleum reserves are very fast depleting and alternate source of fuel has to be found. Solar power seems to be one of the best suited. This NLV Quant, best utilizes the solar power and is a real marvel of today’s world with its great technology and performance.

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