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Nanopillars ? The Next Super Silicon

2017-11-29 11:45  
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Silicon is one of the most important semiconductor materials. However, it’s always considered as brittle and breakable as window glass. In order to improve the fragility, many scientists have been doing many researches, hoping to find the best solution.

Guess what! Empa researchers have discovered the solution, by creating minute silicon pillars in nano-sized.


According to the Empa’s founder, Ludwig von Tetmajer, who is investigated the mechanical loading of columns in his time, disovered if the diameter of the columns are made small enough, then under load they don’t simply break off. The new discovery had opened the way for completely new design techniques from a materials point of view for mechanical Microsystems.

Tetmajer described that more than 90 percent of conventional solar cells are made of silicon. The only problem is the materials have its own limitation.

In other hand, John Michler, Head of Empa’s Mechanics of Materials and Nanostructures laboratory in Thun found out that when the silicon’s colums had diameter of less than 400 nanometers, surprisingly there are no any cracks developed and the structure began to suffer plastic deformation!

Tetmajer and Michler both agreed that the nanopillars are going to be the best solution to develop the Super Silicon. [sciencedaily]

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