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Negative supply from single positive supply introduced

2017-08-15 11:13  
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This article is from a single positive supply negative supply introduction. The principle is simple but effective. For your grasp this principle more effectively, please read this text combines schematic. This circuit provides a negative voltage from a positive supply. This negative voltage plus the positive supply can be used to drive the opamps and other circuits require dual supply. Figure: 555 IC is operating as an astable  multivibrator  with a frequency of about 1 khz. A square wave is the pin 3 of the IC. When the output is active, 22 uf capacitor charges through the diode D1. When the output at pin 3 is ground, 22 uf through diode D2 and emissions charges 100 uf capacitor charging. The output is taken at the 100-year UF capacitor shown. If you are reading this first principle, the proposed Duokanjibian, grasp this principle.


Negative Supply from single positive Supply

Negative Supply from single positive Supply

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