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New 6D Holograms Will Shock You Off!

2017-11-24 04:43  
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Are you still living in the world, where everything seems to be perfect in the 3 Dimensional? Well, then you must be a very outdated person, as the technology is more advancing than you’re thought here!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the world of “6D Holograms” and this is far beyond your imagination!

Technically, these 6D holograms is a small, 7 x 7 pixels display, and it will respond to changes in light and the viewer’s direction as well! Since it’s still in the early development phase, the researchers expected that in the next two to three years, they could be scaled it up and create some of the most fascinating images!

Ramesh Raskar, one of the scientists and researchers at MIT who helped in the development of this project, said that they are the first researcher group that able to build a display that changes with lighting and in the most realistic display.

This idea has the similarity with the technology, which is used on stiff and cheap plastic postcards, where it will cause an image in 3-D when it’s rotating.

The researchers have used the squares to create lenses that present different images at both vertical and horizontal angles continuously and make it even more realistic.

Since it’s still in the early stage, this 6D hologram technique will has a long journey to go!

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