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New Breakthrough Technology Means Unlimited Storage Slot!

2017-11-26 12:05  
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You cannot have enough hard disk space, even with the 1000 Gigabytes hard disk drive? Well, your awaiting is going to be finished in very short period.

A research group from the University of California, Berkeley and the University of Massachusetts Amherst has declared that a new technique had been discovered in the technology field. This new technology uses self-assembling nanoscale elements, where it claims can be used to increase the storage capacity of electronic media gadgets!

According to Ting Xu, one of the team members at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory mentioned that the density achievable with the technology could potentially enable the contents of 250 DVDs to fit onto a surface the size of a quarter! It might sound unbelievable in this moment, but everything impossible can become possible in the very end…


Furthermore, Xu elaborated that this self-assembling molecule on the thin film of block copolymers can make a more precise pattern. It allows the researches to achieve defect-free arrays of nanoscopic elements that incredibly small, where it can hold 10 terabits of data per square inch (It equivalent to 125GB per square inch)!

One thing we can very sure about this technology is when it’s has been launched, you can keep up to 20 million of MP3 files nice and safely with 1 Peta hard disk drive. [source]

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