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New Broadband Cloaking Technology

2017-11-30 04:02  
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Vladimir Shalaev, Robert Burnett and Anne Burnett are the amazing trio from Purdue University who created a new type of invisibility cloak. It claimed much simpler than previous design and works for all colors of the visible spectrum, which making it possible to cloak larger objects than before.


According to Shalaev, the new broadband design is a simpler device that based on a “tapered optical waveguide”. By the way, waveguide is representing established technology, including fiber optics that being used in communications and other commercial applications.

Since the new technology enabled the researchers increase the cloaked are of broadband, thus it offers a brighter hope of cloaking larger objects in the near future!

Shalaev and the research group promised that there would be a more advent broadband cloaking technology before the end of this year. So, let’s crossed our fingers and wait for the good news. [sciencedaily]

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