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New Medical Robots Can Be as Small as Bacteria!

2017-12-01 04:46  
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If you’re being told by someone in 20 years ago that you can create a robot which has a size as small as bacteria, the people might be said some words right in front your face, “You must be a psycho, as it’s impossible!”

Well, guess what! The brilliant ETH Zurich researchers have put on their own efforts. In the end, they’re able to create world’s first medical micro-robots has a size as small as bacteria.


Check out the above figure, you might find that the robot is somewhat like a form of Flagella sp. Yep, it isn’t April’s Fool and you didn’t get it wrong here. This is the latest medical micro-robots, which has an average length of 5 – 15 μm long. They’re in spiral shape, tiny head and can easily swim at a speed of up to one body length per second!

Honestly, you cannot even see the micro-robots at all, unless you’re observing them under a microscope. The researchers also have given a name for these medical micro-robots and they’re called “Artificial Bacterial Flagella (ABF)”.

Bradley Nelson, the professor at the Institute of Robotic and Intelligent Systems at ETH Zurich said that the ABFs could be a very useful technology to help cure various types of diseases in near future.

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