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Ni-Cd Baterry Charger 12-18V

2017-08-22 13:26  
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A clever charger circuit that safely can charge any Ni-Cd battery. Offers charge current sellection, polarization detection and protection and the ability to connect many batterys in siries. Ni-Cd bateries can be recharged more than 1000 times before become useless. the charging current shoud be the 1/10 of the (Ah) of the battery. The bateries need 14 hours to be fully charged..
Ni-Cd Baterry Charger 12-18V

Swhitch S2 is the current selection as folows: 50mA, 200mA and 400mA. LED D10 is the indicator for proper batery connection and/or wrong polarity checking. LED D9 is the charging indicator. The transformer is a 220V/2x12V 0.5A.PARTS:R1,R4,R5=10KR2,R3=100KR6,R8,R10=1KR7=820R9=100R11=15R12=3,9R13=1,8C1=1000uF/40vC2=470pfD1-D4,D6=1n4001-7D7,D8=1n4148D9,D10=LEDIC=741TR1=BC548TR2=BD137TR3=2N3055

Datasheet file1: Click here to download LM741.pdf datasheet.

Datasheet file2: Click here to download BC548.pdf datasheet.

Datasheet file3: Click here to download BD137.pdf datasheet.

Datasheet file4: Click here to download 2N3055.pdf datasheet.

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