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Noise-producing sound effects using NE555

2018-01-20 23:10  
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Tools that created this is to produce noisy atmosphere. This circuit is quite simple, this circuit controlled by two 555 timer IC is assisted by other discrete component resistors and capacitors. The first 555 timer U2 will generate a tone which can be heard on the frequency can be set using a potentiometer R5. next U2 output is given directly to the speaker or speakers. But in this case the speaker will not produce a constant tone. This is because the U2 is modulated by the sawtooth waveform generated by U1. The following is a schematic drawing:


Noise producing sound effects using NE5551 Noise producing sound effects using NE555

Sawtooth frequency that can be set using the potentiometer R4. The end result will be obtained modulated signal high and low tones that can be arranged with R5 while the modulation rate set by R4.

R1 = 1K
R2 = 3K3
R3 = 56K
R4 = 47k
R5 = 220K
C1 = 4.7 nF
C2 = 220uF/16V
U1, U2 = NE555
LS1 = Speaker
BT1 = 5 V – 12 V
SW1 = ON / OFF

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