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Nokia 3310 troubleshooting

2018-02-25 16:04  
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Nokia 3310 troubleshooting manual guide table of contents:
Component Identification
Display Module Suppliers
Antenna Suppliers
Baseband Testpoints
Power Schematic -Testpoints
Power Schematic – Plots
Cpu Schematic – Testpoints
CPU Schematic – PLots
Nokia 3310 Fault Finding Charts
1.Phone is Dead
2. Flash Programming Does Not Work
3.Phone Stays On or is Jammed
4. Display Information : “Contact Service”
5.No Network Found, No Call Established
7. Sim Related Errors
8.Audio Faults
9.Charging Error
RF Key Component Placement
Abbreviations in Fault Finding Charts
RF Component Locations
GSM900 Receiver Troubleshooting
GSM1800 Receiver Troubleshooting
GSM900 Transmitter
PCN Transmitter
Hagar and serial interface
Wintesla tuning
Download nokia3310 troubleshooting

nokia 3310 troubleshooting

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