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Nordic nRF24L01 FOB

2017-11-26 04:51  
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Nordic NRF24L01 FOB

This is a nicely packaged key FOB that contains a NordicnRF24L01radio and a ATtiny24 for control. Press any one of 5 buttons and the ATtiny24 will wake up, transmit the buttons being pressed, a 16-bit integer value of the total button presses since last battery replacement, and then return to low-power sleep. The simple to replace 20mm coin cell will last for over 3 years. This unit comes fully assembled with battery and enclosure. FOB transmission range is quite nice at over 100ft. Use this FOB to communicate with any nRF24L01 radio module for your next remote control project.


Small size100ft rangePre-programmed4uA average current