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Octave Shift to Electric Guitars using LM741

2018-01-22 13:47  
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With so many units producing sound effects, equipment used for electric guitar is highly sought. And one of the most widely used by rock guitarists of his full equipment is sliding octave. Such tools are generally used for frequency doubling the guitar signal. In this rectifier circuit diagram was created because of the diode bridge method. By applying the method of the bridge diodes in the feedback path U2 LM741, it is not linear voltage characteristics of diode-diode it will not affect the incoming signal. Strengthening the beginning of the incoming guitar signal carried by the OP-amp U1 LM741. This strengthening in such a way set by the reset signal R1 so right on the cutting position. then to reset the R4 can be arranged in such a way to level out the same signal with the incoming signal. The following is a schematic drawing:

octave shift to electric guitars using LM7411 Octave Shift to Electric Guitars using LM741

Switch SW1 which is a bypass, is a switch that serves what if the unit is not used. Signals are not only duplicated it, but also made so that the sound disabled and it is one of the most interesting because the effect will be produced with unique characteristics.


C1, C2 = 470nF
C3, C4, C5 = 100nF
R1 = 25K
R2 = 2M7
R3 = 1K2
R4 = 100K
U1, U2 = LM741

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