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Ohm's Law

2017-12-23 19:14  
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Ohm's Law

Java-Runtime is required for Circuit Simulation.

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Circuit Description:

This is a simple demonstration ofOhm's Law. The green color indicates positivevoltage, and the gray color indicatesground (or earth). The movement of yellow dots indicatescurrent(in theconventional direction). Current flows from a positive voltage source through one of tworesistorsto ground. The amount of resistance in ohms is shown to the right of each resistor. The voltage can be controlled using the "Voltage" slider at right.

ByOhm's Law, the current through each resistor will be equal to the voltage divided by the resistance. The resistor at right has 10 times as much resistance, so it will have 1/10th the current.

Credits:Mr. Paul Falstad.

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