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Old good AVR delay loop generator program

2017-12-23 19:07  
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This is not new program, but I decided to add it here because I found it very handy in many cases while developing ASM programs.

Download links:

Download for Win9x. (V1.2, RAR 2.60x)
Download for Win9x. (V1.2, ZIP)

This small program generates delay loops for ATMEL AVR controllers. It’s multilingual a€“ forn now it supports English and German languages. You can change the program’s GUI language by clicking on one of the flags.

Program can generate really long delays. I have tried to enter like 60s for 16MHz a€“ the code generated without problem

AVR_delay_loop.jpgTo generate a delay loop in ASM source code just follow the steps in the left part of the window:
1. Enter the number of cycles of the delay loop. You are not able to enter the delay time in seconds as author promised to implement this feature in the future.
2. Click the GO-Button
3. Copy the source to your ClipBoard (Copy/Paste).
Watch out for register collisions in your ASM source! If they are used save values in the stack before or select different ones.
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