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On and off type siren circuit

2017-08-16 18:22  
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This siren alarm circuit diagram is based on a specialized IC UM3561 , which is a low power CMOS LSI specially designed for this type of applications . The UM3561 siren alarm contains all needed parts ( oscillator , selector  circuits , programmed mask ROM ) to simulate siren sound using few external components.This is a two-state or on/off-type siren where theLM13080 oscillates at an audio frequency and drives an 8-0 speaker.The siren circuit require a power supply circuit around 3 volts and has a low current . The UM3561 siren sound generator circuit has possibility to generate four types of sounds : police siren , fire engine siren , ambulance siren and machine gun sound .


The LM339 acts as a switch which controls the audio burst rate.