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One-chip radar detection circuit

2017-09-05 07:31  
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A simple X-band radar detector is capable of indicating changes in rf radiation strength at levels down to 2 mW/cm2. Radiation falling on the detector diode, produces a voltage at the input of an amplifier whose gain may be adjusted to vary the range at which the warning is given. The amplifier output drives a voltage comparator with a variable threshold set to a level that avoids false alarms. The comparator output is connected in the wired-OR configuration with the open collector output of an oscillator running at a frequency of 2 Hz.
One-chip radar detection circuit

In the absence of a signal, the comparator output level is low, inhibiting the oscillator output stage and holding the buffer so the lamp is off. When a signal appears, the comparator output goes high, removing the lock from the oscillator which free-runs, switching the lamp on and off at 2 Hz.

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