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PAL Colour Encoder (TEA2000-V1)

2017-08-16 19:24  
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A PAL color encoder and video summer which requires just composite sync and composite blanking inputs, and a 6-bit binary coded input giving the color information. The inputs are organized as 2 bits per primary color with gamma correction automatically applied to the resultant luminance and chrominance levels.
PAL Colour Encoder (TEA2000-V1)

Each of the equally spaced intensity levels for each primary color is combined with those of the other primary colors. This produces 64 output colors comprising a wide range of saturated and desaturated colors, black, white and two levels of grey. The out

Datasheet file1: Click here to download BZY88C5V1.pdf datasheet.

Datasheet file2: Click here to download UM1233.pdf datasheet.

Datasheet file3: Click here to download TEA2000.pdf datasheet.

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