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PCB etcher with aquarium pump and heater

2017-11-21 19:02  
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Probably you have read about our PCB etcher on our site. We planed to make it fully automatic with heater, bubble machine and thermostat. But fact is that it wasn’t finished. But we are actively using it with aquarium heater only and manual mixing  .

If you are looking for something similar that has a bubble machine installed you should see YourITronics brand new PCB etcher with aquarium pump and heater. They use a bubble machine that speeds up etching process and you don’t have to mix solution.


The tank is made of plexiglas and holds 1.5L of liquid. All together with pump, heater and other materials etcher costed about $41 – this is much cheaper than buying from store. This tool is a must have along with UV exposure unit.

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