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Park Aid Modify the Crcuit Schematic

2017-08-15 12:14  
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Park-aid beeper


R15_____________3K3  1/4W Resistor
R16___________330K   1/4W Resistor
R17___________470K   1/4W Resistor
R18___________150K   1/4W Resistor

C6______________1µF  63V Electrolytic or Polyester Capacitor

D8,D9,D10____1N4148  75V 150mA Diodes

IC4_____________555  Timer IC

BZ1___________Piezo sounder (incorporating 3KHz oscillator)
The next show is park assistance modify the circuit works. Figure: Although the original park aid circuit is retained, but the input pins of IC2B, IC2C and IC2D being reversed. IC2B, IC2C and IC2D output drive resistance and R17 R15 R16 "is given by D8, D9, and D10, respectively, in order to change the time constant of the  low frequency oscillator  based on 555 timer IC4. Led D5, D6 and D7, as resistor R12, R13 and R14 are ignored, which makes a piezoelectric sounder starts beeping about 2 times per second when the bumper is approximately 20 cm from the wall, and then increase the beep per second, approximately when the distance is about bumper wall 10 cm last to further increase the frequency beep beep exceed 4 per distance is 6 cm. or less.
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