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Peak Detector

2017-09-05 02:35  
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An analog signal requires about 100 ns to propagate through the HA-5320. For time-varying signals, this assures a voltage dif
Peak Detector

ference between input and output. Also, the voltage changes polarity when the signal slope changes polarity (passes a peak). This behavior makes the circuit a possible sample/hold peak detector, by adding a comparator to detect the polarity changes. The exclusive NOR gate allows a reset function which forces the HA-5320 to the sample mode. The connections shown detect positive peaks; the comparator inputs can be reversed to detect negative peaks. Also, the offset must be introduced to provide enough step in voltage to trip the comparator after passing a peak. This circuit works well from below 100 Hz up to the frequency at which slew-rate limiting occurs. It captures the amplitude of voltage pulses, provided that the pulse duration is sufficient to slew to the top of the pulse.

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