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Perimeter surveillance principle

2017-08-15 11:57  
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Then introduce the principle of perimeter surveillance. For your good understanding of the circuit, we recommend that you first read the text again to Fig. The circuit can be located remotely, you only need to use a single cable such as speaker wire or doorbell cable on it. For example, at the bottom of a garden or the garage, used to detect all the sounds that region. Cables can be buried in a hose or pipe and is concealed gone. Mike is an ordinary dynamic microphone into, you should live in a waterproof housing for other circuits. The output of the microphone is amplified by the tw1o transistor output is fed through the cable 220 ??u capacitor. Here, it has a dual purpose of preventing the DC bias supply circuitry from disturbing, but also allows for a smaller ac audio output cable to pass along. It is used to give a small audio amplifier (such as 2 watts design) show early on this website. In power, the audio is restored 10 k presets and 220 u  capacitor .

secmon perimeter monitor