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Personal Flying Machines

2017-11-21 00:17  
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The personal flying machines are gaining more popularity with the increasing need of luxury of man and the rising creativity of the inventors. The day since the civil aviation began; there has been no looking back. Creative ideas have been constantly pouring in the development of the personal flying machines. Let us first see car-planes concept. The ever best known car-plane combination was actually invented by Mr. Moulton Taylor in the year of 1956. His creation had a tail, a wing as well as a propeller assembly. This propeller assembly had the ability of being attached to a very specially made car in a time span of just three minutes. He named it to be aerocar and to the astonishment of the spectators it flew very well. It was not that particularly high or fast, nor did it fly too far, yet it flew, that was a big fact indeed. It was for several decades that Moulton Taylor tried making his cute model of aerocar a big success in the commercial market but he failed in his attempts. The problem was with the manufacturers and the consumers. The danger or risk of producing it was a big concern for the manufacturers and the cost was a very big concern and worry for the consumers. The need for the pilot’s license was again a cause for their worry. Though the idea was novel, there were not many takers in the market. It is gladdening to note that Ed Sweeney, who is one among Taylor’s students, is on his efforts in rekindling the interest in his master’s dream -aerocar. The new design as proposed by Ed Sweeney is very slim and is based on the design of the sports car- Lotus Elise.

The compactness of the original is missing in the new model but simplicity and elegance are at their best in the new model. The prototype is yet to be flown and there are good hopes banked on his model. The cost that is projected for the aerocar will be a price of one lakh dollars with the car included in it. He is planning of bringing a device which would easily help the enthusiasts and hobbyists to convert their cars automatically into flights when they need them. The personal jet pack otherwise the rocket belt have been favorites for almost forty years by now. The needs of the people, though being modest than being imagined by designers of personal flying machines, are sometimes high and personal flying machines would come of use by then.

The basic idea that stands behind this famous jet pack is similar to that of a sky car. A lot of thrust is directed straight in the downward direction. Since human weight will be the only load acting on the device, just a small one fit enough to be wearable by the person would be sufficient. In the 1960s it was the hydrogen peroxide that was used as rocket fuel for running such devices. Let us see the problems which jet packs faced .The problem was that it could retain fuel for the flight of just a time of 30 seconds. The next problem was that it generated a lot of noise and these two hindrances restricted the use of these jet packs for practical purposes.? There are also plans of air scooters and there are many projects that are currently being worked on for the development of these personal flying machines. Enthusiasts hope for a bright future of these creative personal flying machines.

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