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Phase detector with 10-bit accuracy

2017-09-02 21:42  
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Signals of identical frequency are applied to sync input (Pin 6) and to the demodulator input (Pin 4), respectively, the demodulator functions as a phase detector with output dc component being proportional to phase difference between the two inputs. The signals must be referenced to 0 V for dual supply operation or to VR/2 for single supply operation. At ?± 5-V supplies, the demodulator can easily handle 7-V peak-to-peak signals. The low-pass network configured with the uncommitted amplifier dc output at Pin 1 of the device.
Phase detector with 10-bit accuracy

The dc output is maximum ( full-scale) when Vj and V2 are 180?° out of phase and minimum (- full-scale) when the signals are in phase.

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