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Pre-Amp Equalizer Using TL074

2018-01-22 16:41  
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Front brace made by Op-Amp A1, this is truly A1 pairs 1 times, with the goal of using the input Impedance high, approximately equal to 1M, specification data from one of the op-amp is suggested for use with high-frequency dynamics, input Impedance too large will reduce the ability, the potensiometer (Pot1) from 47k to use to ensure impedasi input series, the value of the standard audio (50k actually), if an input Impedance with a larger, Pot1 high value use, it is recommended not to exceed 220K. Pot1 also act as the audio volume level. Here is a schematic picture:

Pre Amp EQUALIZER using TL0741 Pre Amp Equalizer Using TL074

Originally wanted to remove all capacitors in this series, because the ability of op-amp for direct clutch DC. Capacitor C1 is placed as a coupling, with the goal as described above, readers may want to change this series. Kapasitror C1 with Pot1 form a pass in the filter (high pass filter). 100n the value that is set up not to blame so pentapisan, if readers want to do the following formula used to calculate the value of C1:

F = 1 / (2 * 3.14 * C1 * Pot1) (Hz)

Set cut-off frequency F according to the desired, usually 50Hz or 60HZ to eliminate wild frequency power network.? The tone settings made by the op-amp A2 which acts as a brace with positive feedback, which is divided by two, some of which will be distributed to a number of R1, R2, C2, C3, and Pot2 to set the low frequency (Bass), and distributed to some a series of C4, C5, and Pot3 to set the high frequency (treble). R3 and R4 more complex (mixing) to form the back of positive feedback before. Frequency settings such as this is the filter frequency Baxandall theorems, it can be said as the standard audio until now. ? The use of IC op-amp TLO74, because this component cheap and easily obtained, and, most importantly to use this IC JFET at its input channels and high-marsh. With the above set of readers can enjoy the stability of low tone (Bass), agility ringing middle (Mid), and high tones (treble).

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