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Precision peakvoltage detector

2017-09-03 09:55  
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The circuit has negative feedback only for positive signals. The inverting input can only get some feedback when diode Dl is forward biased and only occurs when the input is positive. With a positive input signal, the output of the op amp rises until the inverting input signal reaches the same potential. In so doing, the capacitor C is also charged to this potential
Precision peakvoltage detector

When the input goes negative, the diode Dl becomes reverse biased, the voltage on the capacitor remains, being slowly discharged by the op amp input bias current of 10 pico amps. Thus the discharge of the capacitor is domin-antly controlled by the resistor R, giving a time constant of 10 seconds. Thus, the circuit detects the most positive peak voltage and remembers it.

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