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Quiz circuit schematics

2017-08-09 10:13  
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This article is a quiz game circuit schematic presentation. To more effectively grasp this principle, the proposal combine text read schematics. The circuit is simple but effective. This circuit uses four IC's and has four input circuits and four independent outputs and a master reset switch. This output follows the leading lights but may modify or bees. Only one output LED can be readily ignited. First person according to their input switch, A, B, C, D lights corresponding output  LED , disable other inputs. All circuits using CMOS IC part number is shown in Figure. Supply voltage may be anything betw1een 3 and 15 volts. Alternatively, you can use the equivalent TTL IC build and power 5 volts. The main components of this circuit is a bistable latch, where it is based on two-4013 d-type flip failed. The circuit press the reset switch will clear all flip-flops and extinguish any fire leadership. In this case, the Q output is low (logic 0), instead of asking the output will be high (logic 1). All four did not ask output to four input AND gate, 4082 .Its output will be high. 4082 output is connected to an input of each of the 2-input AND gate (4081). Switch input A, B, C, D are non-self-locking push button switch, the first person to press their switch will cause the corresponding and doors (4081) go high and trigger the default input 4013d-type flip-flop. This will latch and light, appropriate leadership. There will be no question of its fire the trigger output, set low, which changes the 4082 output is low, preventing any further lead to other flip-flops. Switch contacts is just not as one of the first press will latch bistables's. Press the reset switch, recovery circuit its former state.

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