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RFID Technology Applications

2018-01-16 19:46  
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An RFID system consists basically of two? compo-

(fixed on an object that shall be identified)
(or interrogator base station)

A transponder includes the IC, and in LF systems
optionally a capacitor and a coil. HF systems only
need a coil, UHF systems an antenna. The reader
generates? an? RF? field? which? is? used? to? transmit
power? and? to? per form? bi-directional,? contactless
data? transmission? (no? connection? or? line-of-sight
necessary).? As? soon? as? a? transponder? or? smart
label gets into the field generated by the reader, the
tag transmits information either immediately or? on
request only. The reader decodes this information,
sends it to a host, or displays it.

RFID Applications
Versatile and flexible products form an Atmel prod-
uct scope that offers solutions for almost all appli-
cations in the main RFID market segments. Atmel’s
products fulfill the market requirements that call for
fast, secure and reliable identification systems.

Manufacturing and Logistics
RFID systems guarantee reliability even in dirty and
harsh environments. Efficient and time-saving sys-
tems? can be? achieved by fast and secure identifi-
cation solutions that do not need direct contact or
In? this? area,? accurate? manufacturing? and? logistic
systems enable to save time and money. The envi-
ronmental? and? velocity? factors? especially? play? an
important role.

Typical Applications
- Asset Management
- Material Handling and Assembly Equipment
- Bulk Shipment Tracking
- Pallet Tracking
- Cylinder Tracking
- Pharmaceutical Management
- Garments
- Parcel Services
- Laundry Automation
- Waste Management

Convenience and time efficiency are the reasons
why RFID is used? in? the? transportation segment.
With? increasing? travel? the? employment? of? faster
ID systems becomes necessary.? In public trans-
portation, RFID guarantees efficient toll and traffic
management, which prevents queues.
Due to long reading distances required by trans-
portation applications such as contain er tracking,
Atmel? also provides components for active tags.
Several? Atmel? products? address? the? ISO? 14443
standard that is mainly used in public transporta-

Typical Applications
- Airport Baggage Tagging
- Loading Docks
- Cargo Tracking
- Rail Car Tagging
- Electronic Toll and Traffic Management
- Ticketing
- Fuel and Maintenance Operations
- Electronic Payment
- Parking Structures

Animal Identification
RF? identification? is? significantly? involved? in? the
improvement of livestock? tracking.? Stock? monitor-
ing, breeding or disease control are also supported.
And with the outbreak of various animal epidemics,
secure animal identification is more important than
ever. RFID tags can easily be injected under the ani-
mal’s skin.? This? helps to identify? not? only livestock
but also pets and zoo animals.
In animal sports, RFID systems help prevent manip-
ulation and records the correct time of arrival (e.g. in
pigeon sports).? The standards ISO 11784/85,? also
called FDX-B and FDX-A are supported.

Typical Applications
- Animal Ownership Detection
- Wildlife Tracking
- Animal Tracking
- Fisheries
- Lifestock Tracking

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