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RFSim99 download

2018-02-25 02:32  
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RFSim99 is a freeware software that can help you in RF simulation, in your projects, especially if you are trying to design radio filters.

RFSim99 download

RFSim99 works with S-parameters. This means that not only will it simulate and analyse circuits built out of its internal library of components, but that it can accommodate any circuit block or stage for which these are known.

Installing RFSim99 on Windows 7 64-bit OS

Here is how to make RFSim99 work on Windows 7 64-bit OS. You must be running Windows 7 Professional OR Windows 7 Ultimate. Upgrade if you are running anything less. Next, download the Windows Virtual XP Mode for Windows 7 64-bit OS from Microsoft. This will allow you to run any XP program from Windows 7, 64-bit OS. It can be downloaded from Microsoft here: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/virtual-pc/download.aspx . Next, install RFSim99 under the Virtual XP Mode. It works great.
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RFSim99 software screenshot


Video presentation of the software

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