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RF Bug detector circuit

2017-08-15 14:17  
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If you have reason to believe that you may be under surveillance a hidden camera detector or RF detector can let you know for sure. Find cameras in your office, home, or any public place in seconds with this counter-surveillance devices. Electronic bug detection can seem like a complicated prospect, but BrickHouse Security offers a variety of devices that will leave you confident of your privacy. A listening device or wireless camera detector can tell you if a bug is transmitting immediately, and wired camera detectors can sweep an average room in under a minute. An audio jammer can not only detect bugs, but it can effectively stop someone from listening.This rf detector can locate low-power transmitters (bugs) that are hidden from sight. It can sense the presence of a 1-mW transmitter at 20 feet. which is sensitive enough to detect the tiniest bug. As you bring the rf detector closer to the bug, more and more segments of its LED bar-graph display light, which aids in direction finding. The front end has a two-stage wideband rf amplifier, and a forward-biased hot-carrier diode for a detector.After detection, the signal is filtered and fed to IC1, an LM3915N bar-graph driver having a logarithmic output. Each successive LED segment represents a 3-dB step.In short, A bug detector is a tool used by professional counter surveillance experts such as QCC Interscan, to detect hidden audio and video pickups and transmitters.If you are concerned that your office home or vehicle has been bugged, call us (from a secure location) and let the bug detector experts help ensure your privacy against electronic eavesdropping.